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Improve with each of your training. Measure your times with Activity BMX Training Timer 3.0!

Main features of Training Timer 3.0

  • Timing system for accurate measurement of achieved sprint times of one rider per thousandths of a second.
  • Wireless measurement (LoRa 868 MHz) within a radius up to 600 meters from the control unit (CU).
  • Two time measuring modes - circuit measurement and section measurement.
  • Display of results on the built-in 4-line backlit display.
  • Provides own wifi hotspot (2.4 GHz) for connecting the user to the control unit (CU) and to the web application.
  • Saving of measured times on internal storage in TXT, HTML and CSV files, possibility of downloading them for further use for analysis of results.
  • Possibility to connect up to 8 sensor units to one control unit (CU).
  • Effective distance of the laser sensor (SUL3) up to 4 meters from the reflector (teoretical maximum 8 meters under ideal conditions).
  • Power supply of the control unit (CU) and all sensors by a built-in monocell (5V).

Basic set of Training Timer 3.0

The TrainingTime 3.0 base set (TT3) is the basic building block for our wireless laser timer, this set includes a control unit (CU3) and 2x laser sensor (SUL3). This set can be further expanded.

Basic set price: € 380,-

TT3 Datasheet


Expansion sensors

Our wireless timer Training Timer 3.0 (TT3) can operate up to 8 sensors for time measurement. It can be extended not only with SUL3 laser sensors from the basic set, but also with special sensors for various starting devices.

Laser Sensor Unit SUL3

The laser sensor (SUL3) is part of the TT3 basic set. Extending the basic set with another SUL3 will expand your measurement possibilities on more sections.

Sensor price: € 125,-

SUL3 Datasheet

Magnetic Sensor Unit SUM3

The Magnetic Sensor (SUM3) offers you the possibility to measure your times even where large BMX gates or portable BMX gates from different manufacturers can be used.

Sensor price: € 125,-

SUM3 Datasheet

External Display Unit EDU3

The external display (EDU3) is a wireless device that allows you to clearly and distinctly display the times you have achieved according to your needs.

Unit price: € 160,-

EDU3 Datasheet


We provide a standard 2-YEARS WARRANTY on the Basic Set and all expansion sensors of our wireless timing system Activity BMX Training Timer 3.0.

Orders are sent to all countries of the European Union, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland.

We send your orders to all countries of the European Union, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland for postage and packaging fee in the amount of € 20, -.

In the case of orders shipped outside the European continent, the shipping price is handled individually.


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